Workshop for Dads! 

(Mom’s invited too)

When: Thursday, April 7th 2022

Where: Virtual Sign Up Details Available Soon

Who: Dad’s (and Mom’s) with Children with Special Needs


Presented by: Donna Klein, MA, OTR/L Director & Founder

WTS has been providing seminars to parent groups, schools, professional organizations, psychologists, teacher associations and therapists for over 25 years. Our therapy workshops can meet your organization’s needs on a wide range of topics in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language/feeding therapy including developmental approaches, new cutting edge practices, and evaluation techniques. Our therapy workshops are known to provide practical strategies, improve teacher’s awareness of best practice and parents with a much better understanding of their child.

Donna Klein, our director, and many of our therapists with advanced certifications have presented on topics including: Is It Behavior or Sensory Processing Difficulties; How can Teachers Facilitate Fine Motor Functioning?; Therapeutic Listening, Kinesiotaping; How does the Interactive Metronome Make a Difference?; Sensory Processing – at Home & in School; Play & How Our Children Learn from It; Fine Motor Development; Arts and Crafts for the Special Needs Child; Occupational Therapy in the School Environment; Yoga and the Special Ed Child; Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach, among many others.

WTS Past Workshops


Managing Classroom Behaviors
For Harrison School District

Understanding Sensory Processing
White Plains Library

Fine Motor Development
For Tarrytown School District

Executive Dysfunction
Hosted at MCNS Toddler Center

Sensory Integration at Home & in the Classroom
At Memorial Methodist preschool


Therapeutic use of Drumming

Yoga and Mindfulness

Sensory Strategies for the Classroom

SPIO Inservice

Practical Applications of NDT

Brain Gym

TheraTogs Use in Therapy

Listening with the Whole Body

Primitive Reflex Integration

Treatment Strategies for Hypotonia

Visual Processing Analysis & Treatment

Feeding Therapy

View Sensory Integration: Understanding You Child

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