Servicing School Districts

We have over 25 years of experience managing and providing therapy services for our Westchester County school districts. WTS provides therapy services to homebound school age children and entire school district caseloads. We are proud of our excellent reputation of professionalism, expertise in management, being highly team oriented and working effectively and efficiently with administration, teachers and parents.

WTS services are cutting edge:
  • We utilize a “Criteria for Service” ensuring an objective measure for therapy.
  • Our “Pre-referral Strategy Program” has been successful in educating classroom staff.
  • Push-in service, academically based (not medically based) service, Response to Intervention and building level consultations are routine.
  • Staff development is provided at no additional.

WTS is well known throughout Westchester County as being the agency that truly understands the administrative needs of a district. For more information please contact Donna at to obtain a list of our district references and a complete list of the benefits to using our school age services. Our team is available to meet with your district to discuss the possibility of setting up a contract or providing your district with a proposal at your request.

Servicing Parents

If your school district is having difficulty locating a therapist we can contract with them to have someone go to your child’s school or to your home. These services would be approved by the Committee on Special Education and placed on your child’s IEP or provided for in his/her 504 plan. Our School based therapists have experience with children from Kindergarten through High School.

On the other hand, if your child has been denied service in school despite concerns you have about his/her skills, we can help. You may be able to pursue private therapy through your insurance company or if your child is already getting school based services and you want to supplement the service give us a call to discuss your options.

Are my child’s motor and language skills age appropriate?

Please note: The milestone age equivalents are to be used as a general guide as there is always a range of typical behavior.