Social Skills organically develop in our gym! Our incredible environment and our close knit therapy team work spontaneously and consistently bringing children together to play, explore, laugh, take turns and assist each other. This social skill dynamic occurs at the request of parents and in response to our children’s natural desire to play and have friends. Empowering children in our gym to play with others provides them with the ability to engage with others in playgrounds, school and at family events. One of the most important goals for all special needs children is for him/her to have a friend or make friends more easily. Under his/her therapist’s watchful eye, with encouragement and the right challenge, each child develops the skills to make playing with others much easier. Our children then take their newly found skills out in to their world and approach peers who they might not have the confidence to talk to before.

If you are interested in hearing how our facility promotes Social Skills please contact us.