EVALUATIONS / Screenings

Private Child Evaluations

What to expect? Our comprehensive child evaluations will answer your questions about your child’s functioning and development. A written evaluation will document your child’s starting point to allow a parent to reflect back after his/her progress. A full OT, PT or Speech/Language evaluation is recommended if a parent wants to present his/her child’s scores to their local school district or if a parent wants answers as to why his/her child is having difficulty in an area of function. The standardized testing used depends on your child’s age and functional ability. We take pride in our holistic evaluations and ensure a parent understands by reviewing our findings with you.

We offer standardized comprehensive OT, PT, Speech/Language and Feeding evaluations. Standardized Assessments are used to determine strengths and areas of weakness. The resulting scores provide you with a clear objective view of your child. Your therapist will review the findings with you to insure your understanding of all areas of your child’s functioning. You will receive a comprehensive report which will indicate if your child can benefit from therapy services or if your child does not need intervention at this time. If therapy is not indicated at this time, you will be referred to the right professional to best manage your concerns.

Private Child Screenings

What to expect? We offer comprehensive private screenings if you not sure whether or not your child would benefit from therapy. We have highly trained therapists that can identify your child’s areas of need. Therapists provide appropriate recommendations without needing a full evaluation. Standardized Assessments, while useful, are not always necessary in determining a child’s developmental status and the potential need to services.

We have highly trained therapist that analyze a child’s functional areas. Our therapists analyze communication including pre-linguistic behavior, the use and understanding of language and the development of sounds and speech, including articulation and fluency. We also look at a child’s physical development (fine and gross motor) as well as social emotional skills.

Parent’s prefer our cost-effective screenings to determine what is the best path forward with their child’s development. We help guide parents with their decisions to pursue private therapy, Early Intervention (EI), preschool services (CPSE) or school-base services (CSE).

School District Child Evaluations

What to expect? We provide OT, PT and Speech/Language evaluations for our school district partners. Our evaluations follow school based criteria that identifies measurable delays in academic functioning. PT evaluations assess whether a child is safe in his/her school environment and whether they can successfully navigate or maneuver through that environment. OT evaluations assess a child’s fine motor dexterity, handwriting skills, tool use, ability to engage in perceptual motor activities (i.e. puzzles, manipulatives), spatial planning ability and how a child successfully spatially navigates the environment. Our Speech and Language evaluations assess a child’s understanding, use of language to communicate, ability to socialize (pragmatics), use of vocabulary, length of utterances, ability to follow directions, articulate clearly, engage in oral motor skills and produce language intelligibly.

Standardized assessments are utilized to provide the district and parent with scores that indicate the child’s ability to function within the school environment. The findings are taken into consideration with the teacher’s report and criteria for service. The evaluation presents an objective view of whether or not therapy is indicated academically.

“Our therapists use a variety of assessments, specific to their discipline to uncover a child’s strengths and areas of need.”

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