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May 2022: Pediatric Therapy Newsletter

WTS Offers Physical Therapy Evaluations

Looking for a Physical Therapy Evaluation?

We have availability for: 

  • Private Evaluations
  • Private Screenings
  • Early Intervention Supplemental Evaluations

Contact Our Front Office 914-686-3116 ext.1 OR email:

Why You Should Respond FAST to Your Spirited Baby

Search the internet and you’ll repeatedly find the advice; Babies must learn to self soothe…

…Evidently these individuals have never met a spirited baby at 2:00 AM. You on the other hand know from experience that if you wait to respond to your spirited baby, she becomes so upset she remains awake for the next hour or more!…

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    Words to Use When You Want Your Child to Transition from One Activity, Thing or Place

    The day is full of transitions. Whether it is getting dressed in the morning, turning off electronics, stopping play to come to eat, getting in or out of the car, or leaving a friend’s house your words can help your child shift smoothly – at least most of the time….

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