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Jan 2022: Pediatric Therapy Newsletter


“Bad Parenting Is Not What They Told Us It Was”

Bad parenting is not forgiving a tantrum. It is not hugging a belligerent child. Or factoring ADHD neurobiology into your discipline response. Bad parenting is allowing strangers’ (or family members’) condescension or ignorant advice weigh more heavily than what we know to be true about our children, their ADHD, and the healthiest way forward…..

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What is Occupational Therapy

WTS Handout
Children learn through play experiences, engaging with
objects, their environment and people. Occupational
Therapists focus on children’s ability to play. Play is a
“childhood occupation” play is what kids “do”…

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Early Intervention Coordinating Council (EICC) Parent Recruitment

EICC is an advisory council to the Bureau of Early Intervention. 30 members who represent the various Early Intervention Program (EIP) stakeholders, including parents, providers, municipalities, and other State agencies.

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