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Jan 2023: Pediatric Therapy Newsletter

Is Bedtime Your Dread Time?

Ten steps to a peaceful bedtime for your “Spirited” child. . When a spirited child is not falling asleep it is important to look for the fuel source. What is keeping his arousal system on alert? Addressing the feelings and needs behind sleep disruption will allow your child to fall asleep peacefully

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How to Prevent a Full Meltdown…

The reality is that by the time you see these “big cues” your child is already past the rumble and either in or very close to an over the top meltdown. That’s why it’s critical to catch the “rumbles” the “little cues” …

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    What is OT?

    • Are you struggling to communicate with family members why your child gets OT?
    • Are you wondering if your child needs OT?

    Check out this handout: “What is OT?”