Therapeutic Listening is a sound-based intervention that is designed to use during therapy.  The music is electronically modified to naturally encourage attention, activate body movement and to help organize a child’s nervous system.  A dynamic, individualized plan is developed based upon the child’s response to the program.

WTS Therapeutic Listening Visual


Westchester Therapy Solutions has seen children benefit from Therapeutic Listening with the follow difficulties:


  • Poor attention span
  • Difficulties interacting with peers
    and limited play skills
  • Challenges with transitions or changes in routine
  • Difficulty communicating
    (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Struggles with sleep, bowel and bladder control, and eating
  • Trouble following directions
  • Challenges perceiving and
    navigating space
  • Poor timing and sequencing of
    motor skills
  • Difficulties with irritability, mood
  • Difficulties with energy level
    (i.e. low or high)
  • Postural insecurity (fear of heights, playing on playground equipment)
  • Abnormal responses to various sensory stimuli (sounds, touch,
    taste, pain)
  • Poor praxis and motor planning


WTS Therapeutic Listening Tool

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